Who we are

BETOSAN, s.r.o. as a production company was founded in 1992.

It followed on the successful work of the technical consulting company of the same name that specialized in analyzing reinforced concrete structures and designing their repairs. The rapid development in the field of reinforced concrete repairs marked among other things by the lack of suitable and, importantly, affordable materials on domestic market accelerated the decision to redirect the company´ s activities from analysis to production. This shift in the company´ s focus led to the founding of BETOSAN, s.r.o. as a company specializing in production of mortars and materials for repair of concrete and reinforced concrete.

The aim was to offer professionally formulated materials that could successfully compete with imported materials in price, in technical quality and comparability of products, and especially in terms of application service, flexibility and expediency of deliveries. It was to become an alternative that would be able to meet all individual and often very specific customers´ requirements. BETOSAN, s.r.o. is able to offer specific material solutions with constant focus on the high quality of supplied materials.

BETOSAN, s.r.o. established itself soon as the largest domestic manufacturer on the construction market specializing in repair materials, special mortars, waterproofing cements and other so-called construction chemistry products and it still retains its leading position in the volume and range of production.