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Concrete repair, waterproofing, special materials

Welcome to BETOSAN s.r.o. web page

BETOSAN s.r.o. as the manufacturing company of materials of socalled construction chemistry was established in 1992.
Currently BETOSAN® s. r. o. is one of the largest producers in the Czech Republic , not only in the total volume of production, but especially by the range of products offered.
This includes sanitation materials for the repair and protection of reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing materials, mortars, materials for construction and repair of industrial
floors, moist masonry repair, cutting-edge materials based on synthetic resins, expansive mortars, high corrosion resistant and rapid-hardening materials for repair of various structures in the transport, ground and underground the construction.

 Products are manufactured according to quality management system of EN ISO 9001. BETOSAN s.r.o. holds the EN ISO 9001 certificate for number of years now and was one of the first
companies in the concrete repair materials field to receive the certificate. For our company, it is also important to minimize the impact of our production on the environment, BETOSAN® s. r. o. is certified with EN ISO 14001 since 2005. In regard to improvement of management of work safety and health protection BETOSAN® s. r. o. fulfils the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2008 since 2013 and therefore is a holder of golden certificate for integrated management system of QMS, EMS, OHSAS. There is no need to emphasize that all production complies with EU standards, meets the relevant industry regulations (ŘSD, ČD, ČEZ, SEP aj.). On all products, declaration of conformity is published, where possible, products carry CE certificate.

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