Pricelist, Terms and conditions

Here you can download “Terms and conditions” and “Complaints procedure”. Hard copy will be sent to you on request. Please contact us by email:

We will gladly send you our current retail price list in electronic version on request ( The current retail price list is also available from any of our distribution warehouses.

The pricelist for our registered customers is available on request in our Sales and technical support office on tel. +420 241 431 212 or by email

To customers interested in long-term cooperation with our company, special sales and price conditions are offered through framework purchase agreement. In case you are interested in such cooperation, we would most gladly provide you with information about sales and price conditions either by email:, or by phone: +420 241 431 212 or +420 606 264 294.

On request construction designers and specialized contractors are offered a pricing proposal for reinforcement using FRP. We will gladly provide you with basic pricelist of carbon strips, fabrics, resins, fiber anchors and other materials. In case you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone:, +420 241 431 212 or +420 602 149 443.

Specialized training and basic price estimate is offered to customers interested in XYPEX crystallization. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales office by mail or by phone:, +420 241 431 212 or +420 602 149 443.